Hunt Details



 Chairman:   Henry Smith MH
 Masters:  Oinri Jackson MH,  Neville Jessop MH, Bryan Maher MH , Lar Sheerin MH , Lorraine McDowell MH, 
 Huntsman:  Henry Smith MH
 Kennels and 1st Whipper-in:  Sabine Dowdall
 2nd Whipper-in:  Peter King
 Hon Secretary:  Lorraine Mc Dowell MH
 Colours:  Masters and Officials – Green with Plum Collar,
 Members – Plum collar  
 Meets:  1pm Monday & Thursday
 Contact:  Hon Secretary; Lorraine Mc Dowell 046-9021519


Past Masters and whippers in.

Imelda O'Donnell MH, Harry Kellet MH and Henry Corballis. & Henry Corablly MH

Presentation meet to  David Wilkinson and Catherine Rothwell.. with George in the middle.

Left: George Briscoe and passed huntsman Terry Dowdall                                                         Right: George Briscoe, Harry Kellet & Jessica Magnier 
Past Master: Vincent Flood